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We are committed to reducing all of our operational impacts, through efficient management of materials and energy use.


We minimise the purchase of anything new and energy use in all our processes, while maximising the value of clothing through repair and reuse.


We measure these carbon impacts and the savings we create to evidence our commitment to Net Zero.

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Every time you purchase a garment from ApparelXchange, you are reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This is because when you buy a new item,

the raw materials, energy for manufacturing, the packaging and transportation all generate green house gases which cause climate change.

We are currently in the process of updating our carbon counter, so that each time you buy from us, your carbon savings are recorded.

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Like traditional businesses, we aim to make a profit, but the difference with a social enterprise organisation is that we are committed to re-investing or donating that profit. So our primary commitment is to our social and environmental mission, rather than to money.

We are developing a number of meaningful partnerships with social, public and private collaborators - enabling the provision of free clothing, shoes and uniform for young people and families facing hardship.

Contact izzie@apparelxchange.co.uk to make a bigger difference together.

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volunteering & Development

Through our volunteer programme, we aim to match individuals' skills and interests to the work we do.

Our volunteering opportunities are flexible and sociable. We deeply value the many ways our volunteers have helped develop ApparelXchange, assisting with retail sales in store and online, repairing items needing extra care, helping us gather essential donations, and more.

Contact izzie@apparelxchange.co.uk if you want to help!