Our mission

to provide all young people with affordable, quality school uniform that doesn't cost the earth

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Our mission is to reduce the impact of clothing on our planet by providing sustainable clothing services and influencing consumer behaviour through knowledge and empowerment. 

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ApparelXchange is a social enterprise dedicated to the reuse of clothing, footwear and accessories

We work with primary and secondary schools to gather and reuse pre-owned clothing and school uniform, footwear and accessories.


We know young people grow quickly, are self aware and quality conscious. We also know young people care about their planet.

Our on-line shop, School pop-up shops and Glasgow store provide customers with a convenient way to make environmentally positive clothing choices whilst they are at school.

We work hard to make sure our clothes are affordable and accessible to all young people. 


Buying and wearing an ApparelXchange uniform, enables school pupils to makes a positive contribution to carbon reduction, by simply replacing new items with pre-owned items.

Our process


1. Donate

We work with schools via the ApparelXchange network to set up collection points.


We also accept donations of clothing items at our Glasgow Store, events and Pop-up shops.

2. Sort

Donated items are taken to our Glasgow sorting centre. They are sorted by our trained team of volunteers who check all garments for quality and condition such as tears or missing buttons. 


Garments that don't meet our quality control standards are recycled with a registered textile recycling provider.

3. Refresh

Uniform items that meet our quality checks and are in an excellent reusable condition are washed, ironed and prepared for re-sale.


4. Sell

Quality clothing, footwear and accessories are then made available for re-sale in our Glasgow Store, Online-shop or at a pop-up shop which take place in schools or at special events.


Our impacts

Every time you purchase a garment from ApparelXchange you are saving carbon emissions.

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When you buy a new item the raw materials, energy  for manufacturing, the packaging and transportation all generate green house gases which cause climate change.

Creating 1 tonne of clothing generates 22 tonnes green house gas emissions


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Lots of water is used when producing clothes too.

3 years worth of one person's drinking water is needed to make 1 T-shirt.


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Wearing pre-loved clothing reduces the carbon emissions to hardly anything.

We help our customers help our planet by giving you access to quality, affordable uniform as an alternative to buying new items.


Our reuse, resale and recycling services have saved a massive 18.5 CO2 Eqt since January 2018, which is equivalent to taking 8 cars of the road for a year.



Thank you!

Meet the



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ApparelXchange is a Community Interest Company (CIC).
We were established in 2018 in Glasgow and are managed by a board of voluntary directors.

We have a growing team of staff and volunteers. Our team is dedicated to reducing carbon through school uniform reuse and sharing our knowledge with young people and our community.

Izzie Eriksen

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Founding Director

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Sales & Marketing Manager

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Fearghas Magennis

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CIaran Barbour



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Sam Eccles



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Our team of Volunteer Reuse experts


ApparelXchange is supported by:

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