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AXC: Uncovering COP - Getting Families & Young People Involved

The main thing to remember is that every little counts, every voice means something. There will be all sorts of big, important events at Glasgow COP26, but this is our city, and we can do all sorts of things to make climate change and care for our planet visible in all we do.

We can put up posters in our windows* and wear badges with pride, urging people to care about climate change. You never know, it might start a conversation with a neighbour or friend that changes minds :)

So, where are the big locations?

  • The Blue Zone: this is the bit controlled by the United Nations, where formal negotiations between leaders will take place. Around 12-15,000 people will attend the SEC exhibition site.

  • The Green Zone: controlled by the UK government, this is for events, exhibitions, workshops and talks, all at the Glasgow Science Centre. Together for Our Planet lay out their aims and opportunities here.

  • Climate Hub: the New York Times is hosting a space at SWG3 that aims to be something between the official COP26 gatherings and the local community and culture… find more here.

  • Everywhere else: you can expect to see planet-friendly visions everywhere!

You should already have heard about COP26 through your schools and colleges. Glasgow City Council’s Education Services have been working on a series of activities and learning opportunities to help children and young people understand COP26 and use their voices to express their dreams for the future. See their @EdISGlasgow Twitter and #OurDearGreenPlace.

Most importantly, look out for the launch of a ‘Children and Young People’s Climate Charter’ on November 5th: ask your school or college to sign it and hold themselves accountable to a sustainable future. We also encourage you to pop back to our first blog, where we talked about lots more events for families and young people, that will still be ongoing throughout the Conference, and beyond.

*Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting, creative DIY project coming soon!