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AXC: Uncovering COP - Global Day For Climate Justice Rally - Now Is Your Time!

On 6 November 2021, as world leaders meet here in our home city of Glasgow for the COP26 Global Climate Summit, towns and cities across the world will take to the streets demanding global climate justice.

We want to highlight the work of Sarah, founder of Mini Manoeuvres and Modern Love Store, who has partnered with Parents for Future and organised the Family Sub-Bloc for Parents, Toddlers and Kids.

Sarah says, "Never been to a march before? Well, this historic day of action could be the biggest and most important march of them all. As world leaders meet in Glasgow for the COP26 Global Climate Summit, people in towns and cities across the world will take to the streets demanding climate justice.

We need to put pressure on world leaders to make meaningful decisions, that will impact future generations, all over the world, for years to come. The people who have done the least to cause the climate crisis need us to raise our voices.

Tell them, enough is enough. We need system change, not climate change.

Parents, let us show solidarity with future generations.

The kids and family meet up is to encourage families or first-time marchers to come together. The whole march will be family-friendly, but if you want to be close to other families, meet us.

There will be parents from all over the world joining in who are taking part in COP26 with Parents For Future and Our Kids Climate. We will meet close to the Prince of Wales Bridge in Kelvingrove, between the gates at Eusebi's Deli, 152 Park Road & The Bridge in the park. See the map below! Look out for the yellow flag, the mama phoenix and the biiiiig grey ball!

Mini Manoeuvres Sound System will provide tunes on the march. Let's get the kids out, make a bright, fun noise. It's their future after all.

They can dress up, bring instruments, whistles, whatever. The march is fully stewarded and approved by all relevant authorities and will be peaceful.

Assemble at 11.30 then we march on to Glasgow Green Rally at 3PM.

You do not need to stay for the whole event, you can duck out whenever you like. Prams welcome. Dress for the weather. Bring a banner. Bring snacks."

Hoping to head along with the kids? Why not use our amazing illustration by great friend of AXC, Ruth Craddock (peep more work here!) as an A4 or A3 banner? You and your young ones can get creative and colour it in, using pens, paints or any other crafts! Click the button below to choose your size, download and print. Be sure to tag us with the results if you use it on the day!

Download PDF • 912KB

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See you there - let's march for change!