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Introducing - AXC: Uncovering COP

In just a few weeks time, Glasgow will welcome people from all over the world to the city for COP26. Some will feel it's being talked about everywhere, others may have not even heard of it - so what's really going on?

Our fantastic volunteer Rhian has put together our new series: Uncovering COP. We want to chat through the basics in a super clear and understandable way, for all ages. We want to learn more. What's the big deal with COP26? How can we, as young people and families, get involved? What's going to change? What needs to change?

To kick off, here's some beautiful projects that are already happening - if you want to dive right in to the activities, we totally recommend it!

And for textile lovers...

  • If you’re quick, you can get a set of sewn/knit/crochet panels depicting climate messages together for Stitches For Survival’s ‘mass craftism’. In any case, be sure to go along to view the huge scarf!

  • Take up The Loving Earth Project invitation to create a textile panel expressing your love for your environment (see some on display at the moment at Maryhill Burgh Halls for inspiration)

  • Follow Bawn Textiles’ COP Twenty Stitch project and look out for their displays

Finally, keep up with everything community-based at COP26 through the brilliant Climate Fringe!

Stay tuned to the blog, and our socials, for the next part of Uncovering COP, when we'll learn about what it stands for, when it began, and what the people involved want to do...