• ApparelXchange

Working for a more accessible circular sports future for young people.

We have just started working with an incredible social enterprise called, Scottish Sports Futures (SSF), to gather unwanted sportswear before it reaches landfill.

This collaboration brings together both strengths of the organisations, SSF enabling young people to be active through sport and physical activity, and ourselves, reusing clothing and reducing impacts on the environment.

If you have unwanted active / sportswear or footwear please get in touch with SSF or ourselves to make a donation by calling or completing the form on the AXC website (https://www.apparelxchange.co.uk/).

They are looking for all types, styles and sizes of sportwear tops, bottoms and footwear. Even damaged clothing, it will be repaired.

Clothing has become a disposable commodity and, in the UK alone, £140m worth of clothing reaches the bin each year. To compound this, it is projected by 2030, average consumption is thought to rise by 63% worldwide, causing even more pollution and destroying habitats.

And, plenty is still reusable, it is estimated that approximately 60% of discarded clothing and footwear can be reused and in doing so we can reduce the demands that new clothing puts on our planet’s resources.

The gathered sportswear will be prepared for reuse and made available as required to SSF and any other individuals or organisations in need of items. SSF work across the most deprived areas in Glasgow, North Ayrshire, Fife and Stirling, with many of the young people and families living in poverty. They will use the donated clothing and footwear to repackage and give to young people and families who are in need.

This smart collaboration between SSF and ouselves will bring affordable clothing and footwear to many more young people enabling them to participate in sport. All while meeting multiple national outcomes for Scotland, including protecting the environment, tackling poverty and health.

From our partner, Jude Reid, Enterprise Development Manager at Scottish Sports Futures said ‘We are delighted to have formed this partnership with AXC. The clothing gathered during the drive will be reused to give to our young people who face real adversity and poverty. This partnership not only provides access to good quality but low-cost sport sports attire to ensure lack of kit isn’t a barrier to participating in sport and physical activity, it will also help us to reduce the impact of unsustainable clothing on the planet – it really is a win win!’

Please help us by sharing this news and if you have contacts or supporting ideas to help, that would be great. In the meantime, you can have a clear out and donate.

Drop off locations in Glasgow City Centre and Southside, collection service and bulk postage can all be arranged by calling the ApparelXchange team on 07383572327 or competing the form on their home page; www.apparelxchange.co.uk. More sites will become available during May.