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jackets, sportswear, hoodies, & jeans

ties, shirts, skirts, blazers, trousers, pinafores & trainers

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Opening times

*Our opening times are limited right now. We are working towards being open more and will keep you updated on our progress via our website and social media channels.


January 2020*

Thur  10am - 5pm

Fri     10am - 5pm

Sat    10pm - 5pm

St Enoch Centre, First floor

(tucked away near Debenhams -its worth the walk)


Arrange a Pop-up Shop

school uniform shops that come to your school

When you arrange a Pop-up Shop with ApparelXchange, we bring a full range of pre-worn school uniform items to your school. This provides a convenient way for parents and young people to buy quality, affordable school uniform that doesn't cost the earth.

To arrange a pop-up shop or request information on our current store stock contact us

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Visit ApparelXchange

Shop: St Enoch Centre, First Floor

Opening times

Thur 10am - 5pm

Fri    10am - 2.30pm

Sat   10am - 5pm

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